Garage And Body Shop-CESP LED Lighting

CESP Lighting have years of experience working with the motor trade workshops and outside car display areas.

Body shops and car preparation require high levels of light without shadow. Often especially during the winter months, repairers actually have to take vehicles outside to inspect that colour match or finish.

Again Fluorescent and Metal Halide lights deplete by around 30% in 6 months with deeper shadowing and tint to yellow as the bulbs and tubes age. As specialists, CESP Lighting team have a vast experience in body shops and vehicle preparation bays, The attached examples where we were able to improve LUX levels by 200% and reduce energy use and ultimately costs by 60%.

The Motor workshop are increasingly dictating lighting standards for both servicing and body repair. Our experience in this sector is second to none, having fitted out both small and large workshops see our case studies. Often we were upgrading lighting in smaller workshops however the issues are always the same and savings just as relevant.

General servicing and MOT workshops are often the poor relation of most car dealers with failing Fluorescent and Metal Halide lighting which also has high running costs.

CESP Lighting team has been able to supply solutions where we have increased the light levels by 100% and cut energy and running costs by 60 – 70% using our specialist super-efficient LED high Bay Tubes/Discs and T5 Twin LED Battens.

For external lighting we have used our range of IP65 super flood lights and super battens, which come with a 5 year warranty.

If you are interested in CESP LED lighting solution for your facility, please send email to to get started.