LED Floodlights are efficient, powerful and popular for area lighting.

Floodlighting is an integral part of security for your business or premises. So when you are looking for an ideal floodlight system, one of the stand-out solutions are LED floodlights. They provide exceptional lighting on an area or subject and come with a myriad of benefits that other floodlight systems simply cannot offer.

One of the primary benefits to consider when choosing LED floodlights is their life expectancy. Compared with standard halogen light or HID, they can last up to 10-15times longer and can help mitigate the need to regularly swap out or stock up on bulbs, saving time and money. For businesses on a tight budget that are managing their running costs, this is a perfect solution – energy bills will be noticeably reduced due to the lower power consumption required.

The LED technology inside the floodlights has a high lumen output over traditional bulbs. Just one of these can outshine at least three standard halogen bulbs and the lighting arc is superior, meaning that when it comes to area catchment and placement, you will require less columns to be installed around the location that needs lighting.