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Warehouse Lighting Solutions

While warehouses are an essential part of your industrial or commercial business, they can be challenging to plan out from an architectural and building logistics standpoint. When it comes to lighting, warehouses offer an especially unique challenge as they are vast spaces, that have very few windows, and house big shelving units that need to be easily accessible.  With all of these requirements, it can be challenging to maintain efficiency in your lighting. However, it’s also a must, as inefficient warehouse lighting causes energy bills to skyrocket.

CESP LED team is ready, willing, and able to take on all of these challenges and deliver you a fantastic warehouse lighting experience that will reduce your energy costs. We guarantee it!

led lighting


CESP Lighting team designed and provided a lighting solution for car parks. The primary objective was to significantly reduce energy consumption whilst increasing safety and improving the aesthetic.

Required to operate 24/7, the final solution had to deliver both longevity and reliability. CESP LED team was able to provide a design life of over 5 years using the Parking Garage Luminaries. The series provides a low-glare optical system specifically designed for parking applications.

The optic allowed our design team to space each fitting further apart, reducing the number of lighting points and required luminaries. And also offers a more even lighting distribution that integrates higher levels of vertical illumination, increasing visibility and creating a safer lighting scheme for occupants.

The fitting provides the latest in optical technologies with best-in-class longevity backed by a 5-year warranty. In this particular instance, using the Cree IG series should provide a 60% reduction in energy consumption.

Contact us today to assist with your lighting requirements!

led lighting

Customer satisfaction (4)

CESP Lighting team installed energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the entire workshop & warehouse and just as they promised, we have seen our electric bills drop by 55% which is in line with the estimates given to us.

However, the biggest impact can be seen in the dark evenings, where our workers can work more safely and their eyes will be more comfortable.

With regards to the LED Lighting installation in our workshop, I must comment that my staff is able to carry out tasks such as inspections far more efficiently all down to the eco lighting installed. As a manufacturer, we are extremely pleased with investing in a long-term LED solution.”


———————————————Printing Manufacturer,Dubai————————————-

led lighting

Customer satisfaction (3)

Working with CESP Lighting team was easy and they solved a big problem in one of our workshops that was too hot from the lighting(400W -1000W). Changing the lighting to LED has really brought the temperature down which has had a positive effect on our staff well being as well as our products. Also more safety for our products! We saw significant wastage of products due to them melting and facing. The installation and service they provide is top notch. If only you were national!

———————————————Drum Manufacturer, Dubai————————————-

led lighting

Customer satisfaction (2)

Thanks to everyone that we dealt with from CESP LED lighting team, from the initial quote to the end of the job everyone we spoke to was friendly and NOTHING was a problem. AMAZING service and quick installation even for difficult access and parameters. Our new lights have really made a positive impact on our business and we will definitely be back for future lighting solutions. The team at CESP found the best products and saved us money in the long run. Would highly recommend it!

———————————-Food warehouse-Dubai——————————————————–

led lighting

Customer satisfaction (1)

CESP LED has provided 450 units of High Bay LED industrial lighting for the new project, where is also in a large Industrial complex at Dubai.


More importantly, this is a new factory expansion. CESP LED provided the same industry lighting for this client seven years ago, which means it is no quality problems during the past years, therefore is no doubt that the owner choose CESP LED Industry lighting again.


What impressed the client was, the simple 5year full replacement warranty, the high efficacy than normal market level and the pricing were competitive with other units offered.


The number of lights recommended per bay was closer to the owner’s requirements than the other 3 offers and has result proved to be better than expected.



CESP LED Parking Lot Lighting That Lasts

When you use LED parking lot lighting, you will be investing in lighting structures that are durable and made to last. Too often you may see traditional light posts where the bulbs do not work after just a short time. With LED lights, you get the long-lasting technology of LED so you can gain efficiency in your lighting that cuts down on maintenance, saving you money. Because the LED lights are also more energy-efficient, your utility bills can be less as well, making your investment in new lighting worthwhile.

Many Options for Lighting

When you shop with CESP LED (Dubai), you will find that we have many options available to you for LED parking lot lighting. We have styles and designs that can give you modern or traditional looks, whatever suits your location the best. We also have a variety of options available, such as sensors that help reduce energy levels in areas that are not in use. You can learn more about our company and the various LED lighting fixtures we can provide for you when you look at our web pages

If you are interested in CESP LED lighting solution for your facility, please send email to cespservice@gmail.com to get started.


Defining potentially explosive atmospheres-CESP LED Explosion proof lighting (Dubai)

Potentially explosive atmospheres arise when air, under normal atmospheric conditions, mixes with dusts, vapors or gases that are likely to ignite or explode, spreading to the entire unburned mixture.

Hazardous zones

Areas in which potentially explosive atmospheres may arise are classified into zones based on their likelihood and persistence. It is ultimately the employers responsibility to ensure that the classification of the site is performed before suitable products, including light fittings, are installed at the premises.

If you are interested in CESP LED lighting solution for your facility, please send email to cespservice@gmail.com to get started.


CESP Office Lighting Installation Process

We start by carrying out a free site survey to highlight issues with your current lighting and determine what type of LED lighting would benefit your business the most within agreed budgets. Most importantly we will be able to determine what energy and monetary savings you will make.

Installation is then carried out by our team of expert LED lighting installers. All our installers are highly trained and work to IEEE Standards.

We recognise that installation can be disruptive and so we offer a flexible service that works for you. We will ensure minimum downtime for your business and can, if required, carry out our work over lunch breaks or out of hours. Additionally, we can erect portable barriers if required to close off areas from employees.

If you are interested in CESP LED lighting solution for your facility, please send email to cespservice@gmail.com to get started.


Garage And Body Shop-CESP LED Lighting

CESP Lighting have years of experience working with the motor trade workshops and outside car display areas.

Body shops and car preparation require high levels of light without shadow. Often especially during the winter months, repairers actually have to take vehicles outside to inspect that colour match or finish.

Again Fluorescent and Metal Halide lights deplete by around 30% in 6 months with deeper shadowing and tint to yellow as the bulbs and tubes age. As specialists, CESP Lighting team have a vast experience in body shops and vehicle preparation bays, The attached examples where we were able to improve LUX levels by 200% and reduce energy use and ultimately costs by 60%.

The Motor workshop are increasingly dictating lighting standards for both servicing and body repair. Our experience in this sector is second to none, having fitted out both small and large workshops see our case studies. Often we were upgrading lighting in smaller workshops however the issues are always the same and savings just as relevant.

General servicing and MOT workshops are often the poor relation of most car dealers with failing Fluorescent and Metal Halide lighting which also has high running costs.

CESP Lighting team has been able to supply solutions where we have increased the light levels by 100% and cut energy and running costs by 60 – 70% using our specialist super-efficient LED high Bay Tubes/Discs and T5 Twin LED Battens.

For external lighting we have used our range of IP65 super flood lights and super battens, which come with a 5 year warranty.

If you are interested in CESP LED lighting solution for your facility, please send email to cespservice@gmail.com to get started.

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