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LED Floodlights are efficient, powerful and popular for area lighting.

Floodlighting is an integral part of security for your business or premises. So when you are looking for an ideal floodlight system, one of the stand-out solutions are LED floodlights. They provide exceptional lighting on an area or subject and come with a myriad of benefits that other floodlight systems simply cannot offer.

One of the primary benefits to consider when choosing LED floodlights is their life expectancy. Compared with standard halogen light or HID, they can last up to 10-15times longer and can help mitigate the need to regularly swap out or stock up on bulbs, saving time and money. For businesses on a tight budget that are managing their running costs, this is a perfect solution – energy bills will be noticeably reduced due to the lower power consumption required.

The LED technology inside the floodlights has a high lumen output over traditional bulbs. Just one of these can outshine at least three standard halogen bulbs and the lighting arc is superior, meaning that when it comes to area catchment and placement, you will require less columns to be installed around the location that needs lighting.


Why Upgrade to CESP LED Parking Lot Lighting in UAE?

Many UAE property owners and managers have already decided to upgrade their exterior lighting and they have good reasons to do so.  The most obvious reasons to switch to LED parking lot fixtures and exterior wall pack lighting include:

  • Safety and Security – These issues are critical for all types of businesses.  A well-lit parking lot is a safer and more secure environment for employees and customers. Higher light levels and quality of light ensure fewer dark spots and more even light distribution.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption – Lower operating costs and energy bills are essential for every business, and energy-efficient LED parking lot lighting delivers immediate and dramatic energy savings.
  • Maintenance Cost Savings – Businesses that budget for annual parking lot lighting repair and maintenance know about high costs. LED parking lot fixtures have a considerably longer life allowing your maintenance staff to focus on other areas of need.

If you have an upcoming project you are interested in discussing, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send to our mail address: cespservice@gmail.com

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LED flood light help you to save more

LED floodlights can consume up to 90% less energy than their halogen counterparts, meaning your electricity consumption will be a lot lower, potentially saving you money in the long run.

LED floodlights are longer lasting than halogen floodlights. In fact, they can last up to 50,000 hours, which is up to 10-times longer than your average halogen floodlight.

Halogen floodlights can get very hot. LED floodlights to come with metal heatsinks that direct heat away to maintain a lower running temperature. This helps to prolong the lifespan of the floodlight.

Whether lighting up a sports pitch or car park, LED floodlights are guaranteed to give you a bright wide-angle beam that offers greater and more efficient coverage for better visibility and security.

Whereas traditional halogen floodlights use heat to generate light, LED sports lighting doesn’t, which is why they are far more efficient and consume such a low amount of electricity by comparison.

Our LED floodlights come with waterproof and dustproof casings, so you can expect the same high-quality performance whatever the weather or working environment.


LED Sports lighting -CESP

CESP Lighting team provide sports floodlighting and area lighting installations to give you the correct level of lighting suitable for all your requirements. We offer both modern LED floodlight solutions which tailored to your project’s needs and budget. We pride ourselves on offering you the best lighting solutions for all of your sports pitches be it athletic tracks, football pitches, MUGAs, tennis courts, hockey pitches, and all other civic or area lighting projects such as car parks.
Our experienced and multi-disciplined team can remove and install any lighting systems in all environments, even the most challenging ones. Whether it be full system packages including civil and electrical works or just erection and electrical services, we can provide costs for installations throughout the UAE.
Once your lighting system has been designed we will then install your system using our highly trained operators and using the correct plant machinery if required, to ensure that your foundations, posts, cabling, feeder pillars and luminaires/floodlights are installed accordingly and that the lights are aligned and positioned correctly.


Chemical Plants Lighting Solution

Most areas in chemical plants are in Zone 1 and Zone 2.
During the production process, the explosion-proof motor is used to drive the pressure pump, and various ingredients will add to the reaction.

At a certain temperature, crude oil will be cracked into various light-density oils and organic gas-like substances. Normally these factory working for 24house without stop, so explosion-proof lights are a necessary lighting source in production workshops and pressure vessels.

In addition, the outdoor area of chemical plants requires good waterproof and corrosion resistance, most of them are in higher installation height, high temperature and high pressure, the lamps replacement and maintenance are extremely difficult. Therefore, the lamp usage in chemical plants is not just for lighting, but focus on safety and reliability.

CESP’s explosion-proof led lights designed for chemical plants are strictly compliant with UL, CUL, DLC, IECEX, ATEX, and EX standards in terms of technology and lighting, and the protection class is IP68 to meet our customers requirement.


The Lighting Requirements of Spray Paint Booth

For Paint Booth, the appropriate light source illuminance is a very important indicator. If not the right lighting source, it may cause a series of painting problems such as excessive thickness, thinness, leakage, flow, etc. in some parts of the spray paint. Meantime, it is necessary to use special lamps for hazardous locations.

Illumination requirement: The brightness of the Paint Booth needs to reach 800-1000lux.

Also, the inner wall of the Paint Booth should be matte white. When using partitions made of transparent materials such as glass, fixed luminaires should be used as light sources, and partitions should be used to separate the area where the luminaires are installed from the electrostatic paint area. The installation gaps should be reliably sealed. The material of the partitions is It is non-flammable and not easy to break, and the thickness of the deposit on the partition shall not affect the specified illuminance.

Enclosed explosion-proof is required: Paint is a flammable chemical. When the paint reaches a certain concentration in the air, it will burn and explode when it encounters a high-temperature open flame. And Paint Booth is a place where paint does not exist all the time, and LED explosion-proof lights can meet this safety request.

Paint Booth lighting fixtures should be powered by explosion-proof lamps in hazardous areas, and the grade must be at least IIC explosion-proof: safe, explosion-proof, and energy-saving. The standard lighting voltage is AC 220V. According to special engineering needs, AC 127V or DC 36V may be used.


LED Tri-Proof Light

LED Tri-Proof Light means waterproof, dust-proof, vandal proof and vapor proof made by latest LED technology and all in one high-density PVC body or Aluminum alloy body, which is widely used in food processing factory, dust-free clean room, production workshop, parking Area, pharmaceutical factory lighting solution or traditional T5/T8 fluorescent Tri-Proof Light replacement.

CESP Lighting team just supplied and installed 890 units for one large plant, before they always use conventional tube 2*36W.


A quick turn-around installation of CESP-LED cold store lights

Following a meeting at the Client, CESP Lighting team offered to help a client out with a very quick turn-around chilled storage warehouse lighting installation.

Their chilled storage warehouse was in the process of being refurbished. After rapid lighting design work and commercial discussions, we were able to hit a tight installation deadline. Installation of CESP LED Highbay Light ( cold storage) is very straightforward and contractors are always very happy to work with it – to explain a bit more about the installation process.


LED Applications for Oil and Gas Refining and Processing Units

Using Dangerous Chemicals compounds in Oil and gas processing units makes the premises risky. To handle this danger, companies in this field mostly use LED explosion proof lighting systems. This arrangement minimizes the risk of electrical sparks that are created from the electrical equipment.

Using Dangerous Chemicals compounds in Oil and gas processing units makes the premises risky. To handle this danger, companies in this field mostly use explosion proof lighting systems. This arrangement minimizes the risk of electrical sparks that are created from the electrical equipment. Implementing the LED Petroleum refineries has provided a great support to key safety measures that were difficult to handle in case of untimely light failure. This has also helped to address issues like heavy costly maintenance and random work environments. Using New and effective LED Lighting system is gaining popularity due to its benefits, and it is replacing the old conventional lighting systems. This trend will continue to increase in future.


ATEX LED Explosion Proof Flood Light

ATEX LED Explosion Proof Flood Light

 ZONES 1, 2 (gas) & 21, 22 (dust)

Robust, highly efficient and extremely durable, these are the outstanding properties of the explosion-proof LED floodlight series.

A cooling rib structure that completely encloses each housing segment characterizes the design of the Ex light fitting. The result is excellent heat dissipation, supported by good convection and thus additional cooling of each luminaire segment. In conjunction with high-quality LEDs and electronic ballasts, these are the best prerequisites for a long service life, even at high temperatures. The whole fitting use SMD LED type , you can choose the luminous flux that you need for your project and can therefore efficiently replace conventional luminaires with high pressure sodium vapor lamps up to at least 400W.

Ease of assembly and maintenance were also the focus of the development of the ATEX LED Flood light. The large connection space with two cable entries not only enables comfortable electrical connection, but also cost-saving in-out wiring without additional junction boxes. With the mounting bracket, which can be swiveled in 5° steps, the floodlight can be adjusted quickly and easily as required.


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