retrofit highbay lighting to led

Ready To Retrofit Your High Bay Lighting To LED?

If you are a manufacturing company or have an industrial warehouse,maybe every day you are thinking .“how to increase your sales ” and “How to reduce regular expense, so why not consider changing the existing highbay lighting in your facility? As you know, the electricity bill is increasing too much compared to before.

It’s best to get the opinion of an experienced lighting retrofit expert when it comes to a significant project like this. They can provide a payback analysis and predict your new light levels as compared to your current lighting before you jump in headfirst without all the facts.

CESP lighting team has provided more than 700 industrial, turnkey lighting upgrades since 2012. If you’re ready to start saving energy and interested in working with a company that delivers what they promise, it’s time to contact CESP lighting team, or write email to .

Dubai Turnkey Lighting and Energy Solutions-CESP Lighting

Dubai Turnkey Lighting and Energy Solutions-CESP Lighting

CESP turnkey approach to lighting and energy solutions means we handle every aspect of your new LED lighting installation or retrofit. And we help you determine the best financing options so you can update your energy systems with no upfront investment and optimize your energy payback with maximize ROI.

CESP experienced lighting team will give you verifiable energy efficiency improvements, cost analysis, complete project management, and installation for your lighting and other energy systems. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step, and find the best solutions for your unique situation

If you are interested in our CESP LED lighting solution for your facility, please send an email to to get started.

CESP LED for Your Warehouse LED Lighting Conversion

Why Choose CESP LED for Your Warehouse LED Lighting Conversion?

One of the best things for a storage facility that you can do is make sure that they have a well-lit facility to store their items in. but why do should you choose CESP LED ? Below are three reasons

  • Experience – We have been focused on lighting business for more than 15 years and we have helped customers all over UAE with their LED lighting needs.
  • Warranty – Every product we provided is with a 5-year warranty and large stock is ready for any replacement .
  • Variety – We have a large variety of different lighting options.

How Your Storage Facility can Benefit from CESP LED Warehouse lighting

Below are some benefits that our LED lighting can offer your storage facility.


When you have a business, one thing you want to do is make sure that both your employees and your customers are safe. That’s where LED lighting comes in. because it’s bright, it will ensure that your storage facility is well lit and that can help with keeping everyone who comes to your facility safe. You want to make sure that your parking lot and the whole storage facility is lit up so that everyone is safe no matter where they are.


When you have a business, you want to make sure that it is visible to everyone who comes to it. That’s why having LED lighting is so important. The bright lights that LED lighting offers help customers and potential customers see your storage facility day or night.

Good Customer Service

One of the best things about using LED lighting in your storage facility is the customer service that you will provide your customers. Having a safe, well-lit facility that they can store their items in is something that every customer wants. Since LED can last much longer, this helps them have a well-lit storage unit for much longer.


One thing that LED lighting is known for is how it can save you a lot of money because LED are much more energy-efficient when compared with other types of light bulbs. This can help you save money on your overhead and also last a lot longer, which means that you don’t have to replace your bulbs as often, which also will save you money.

Are you the owner of a storage facility? Why not give us a call and let us show you

CESP LED Highmast Lighting

Reduces Energy Consumption And Operating Costs With CESP LED Highmast Lighting

With an eye on energy efficiency and operating costs, many facility owners determined that it was time to replace its existing Metal Halide lamp with an LED system. However, which option is the best and long-lasting one? It is a problem. CESP team has 16 year’s lighting experience and always makes a suitable proposal according to the site requirement and the client’s budget. We visited the site and discuss with their technician, after exploring a variety of options from different suppliers, the client chose to partner with CESP. Key benefits of the solution included: of the new lighting include:

  • Retrofit Solution – factory aimed, wired, and test to be retrofitted onto the existing poles for easy installation.
  • Energy Efficient – with the new LED lighting in place, energy consumption will be reduced by 55 percent compared to the prior metal halide equipment.
  • Zero Maintenance – Long-term warranty covering parts and labor means airport ownership won’t have to handle any maintenance to the lights or pay for it, for 5years.
  • Improved Visibility – the custom optics and patented glare control deliver much greater light uniformity throughout the gate areas, putting high-quality light only where needed.

We understand the marketing always has some different quality level products, every buyer bargain the price every day, however, the CESP team never compromise the quality, since we know our most products installed in a higher position, a heavy industrial application where is difficult to maintain in the future. We also understand the mainteance cost, relamping cost, and renting tool cost are much higher than the singer lamp. That is why we are working hard to explain the good quality directly to the client and convince the clients.

For any enquiry, please email to We are always online for you!

LED high bays to replace 400w metal halide high bays

400w Metal Halide LED Replacement For Warehouse High Bays

One of our recent customers contacted us for advice on how to use LED high bays to replace 400w metal halide high bays in a 120m x 250m shipping warehouse. The customer’s current lighting was old and some of the fixtures didn’t work. The customer had contacted us to purchase new lighting that would be more efficient than their previous fixtures. CESP Lighting team was able to step in, provide photometric data, and provide the customer with new LED fixtures at a lower cost and higher efficiency level than before.

Need A Photometric Analysis?

Are you interested in replacing old metal halide high bays with new LED models? Are you looking for a 400w metal halide LED replacement? Are you unsure of how many to purchase and what fixture would be an appropriate one-to-one replacement?
CESP Lighting team successfully help hundreds of owners to make lighting upgrade and energy saving, meantime we provide the complete lighting package with custom lighting designs to meet the needs of your project.
Our designers look at every project individually to meet your budget, while reducing energy consumption and giving you enhanced light control.
Do you know the lux levels required for your project? Call us to speak to a consultant, or send us a site plan of the area you need to illuminate and we will do the rest!

CESP LED Lights For Sports Courts

CESP LED Lights For Sports Courts

The lighting system of sports court needs to be optimized around two main things: energy savings and usability. Without those, you are either going to pay excessive energy bills, have poor playing experience, or both. With old sports court light technologies, such as metal halide or HPS, it is common for them to both use excessive energy and provide a poor experience when compared to LED Sports lights.

What is the benefit if change to LED as a light source of sports field?

Reduced costs

Sports light is high consumption than other application since most case currently installed 1000W,2000W, or more Metal Halide per fixture, but change to LED, normally the individual power will reduce at least 50% and the quantity will reduce 20-30%, so total consumption will reduce 75% more than before. Also save more our LED sports light fixtures with longer lifespans, reduced maintenance costs, and rebates.

Improved experience

Sports light are all about the experience, bad experiences will lead to no one coming back, sometimes unsafety issue will happen. To ensure the best possible experience is available on the court, proper illumination has to be available so the game can be played and viewed with ease.

Improved fan viewing

If your sports exercise is watched over by fans, proper illumination will also lead to better viewing by them as well. Not only is it important that the players have a good experience – it’s important for fans that are viewing can see everything too. It will make everyone happy.

Need to Light a Sports Court? Contact CESP Electrical.

Whether your sports court has eight poles, four poles, or no poles at all, CESP Lighting team is here and ready to get you the package you need. We’re glad to break down the specifications and details of every option. Give us a call or send email  and we’ll get your project going!

led warehouse light

Warehouse Light Upgrade -Dubai

Our customer, based in Dubai, had been used fluorescent lights throughout their warehouse. Due to the rising maintenance cost, poor uniformity of lighting levels, they approached us at CESP Lighting to address their mix-match of lighting, and bring uniformity and consistency to their workplace. With the benefits of LED lighting to produce consistent color, light levels, and energy usage it was the logical choice for them.

CESP Lighting team makes a lighting site visit, taking a range of details from light readings to the floor plan information and discussed options with the client along with their expectations. They wanted to create a uniform lighting output as well as energy saving.

After careful planning, an LED solution was outlined that utilized the best product options for the environment. LED High Bays were installed in the warehouse,

  • The combined lumen output for the existing light fittings (all fluorescents) was 361,320 lm.
  • The lumen output of our LED lights installed was higher at 424,160lms and utilized 65% less energy, utilizing fewer fittings.

CESP team is dedicated to energy saving for all industrial and commercial clients, in the past years, we have achieved hundreds of new and retrofit lighting project, enjoy a good reputation in this field!

For any enquiry, please email to . We are always online for you!

led stadium lights in dubai

Do You Have A Stadium Full Of Metal Halide Fixtures?

Changing to LED Stadium Lights is Brighter and Better. Experts suggest that LED lighting is the future of stadium lighting, and in the next few years, it will replace the High-intensity halide metal halide lamp. LED lights to provide a high level of reliability, versatility, and energy efficiency.

Currently, nearly every sports facility that is under construction is considering LED lighting. LED stadium lighting is only in its first generation. New constructions will provide new opportunities to integrate LED lighting into the infrastructures. While designing for older stands is quite a challenge. LED lighting offers complete flexibility, which allows architects to be creative.

The question for stadium management will be: What are the benefits of change from traditional light to LED stadium light, how much budget for the whole project and the payback period, how to make sure LED light is a reliable source of lighting?

CESP Lighting team achieved hundreds of projects around the GCC Region, which helps business owners calculate savings utilizing energy-efficient strategies. By creating a photometric layout of any required area, the energy efficiency experts at CESP Lighting can show you options to increase light quality while reducing energy consumption.

We take the guesswork out of difficult terminology and calculations to show you ROI and put the entire package together for your business.

For any enquiry, please email to . We are always online for you!

led parking lots lights

NEW LED Parking Lot Lights Project -CESP Lighting

When it comes to illumination, the owners have a headache from parking lot lights. It is because of the need for the illumination system to accommodate both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, endure harsh operating environments, address public safety concerns, and observe lighting quality issues.

Another thing is getting sufficient light illuminating the entire parking lot. Insufficient lighting in the parking creates shadowy areas and dark spots, which potentially encourage unsafe and insecure issues.

Additionally, it makes you prone to litigation for accidents arising from poorly lit areas in the parking lot. While upgrading and replacing your existing parking lot lights may sound like an expensive affair, you cannot afford not to look at your options. With installation done more than a few decades ago, the conventional parking light systems are costly to run, utilize inefficient lights, and have short durability. It is the reason you need to turn your attention to the LED parking lot lights.

CESP Lighting team just help one owner to change the whole parking lots in Dubai, the energy-saving rate is 67%, more importantly, the lux performance increases 120% than before. The management was very happy to see the result and invite us to retrofit the lighting system for their other facilities very soon.

For more information, please email enquiry to

advantages of led flood light

The Advantages Of LED Flood Light

An LED flood light is a source of bright white light, which it beams out at a very broad angle. LED flood lights are in utilize in many areas such as lighting sports arenas, façades, billboards, loading area, warehouse, general area lighting as well as other outdoor applications

When approaching the process of wiring your LED flood light, you need to know where you want to place the lights. Flood lights are usually installed outside the home to act as a security measure as well as a protection measure against unwanted individuals or light a path to a home’s entrance way.

LED flood lights reduce the need for frequent bulb replacements. This contributes to the reduction of hazardous waste. They also consume very little electricity. You may easily save as much as 85% on electricity costs by utilizing an LED flood light. Overall, this is a highly energy-friendly alternative.

LED flood lights are tough, durable as well as long lasting. This saves the user a substantial amount of money, time and effort. The white beam of light produced by LED flood lights is very much comparable to daylight. This makes it very simple to see as well as retrieve items. When utilized in stadiums, it makes the spectators feel as though it is day time.

If you are interested in CESP LED Flood lighting solution for your facility, please send email to  to get started.

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