The Lighting Requirements of Spray Paint Booth

For Paint Booth, the appropriate light source illuminance is a very important indicator. If not the right lighting source, it may cause a series of painting problems such as excessive thickness, thinness, leakage, flow, etc. in some parts of the spray paint. Meantime, it is necessary to use special lamps for hazardous locations.

Illumination requirement: The brightness of the Paint Booth needs to reach 800-1000lux.

Also, the inner wall of the Paint Booth should be matte white. When using partitions made of transparent materials such as glass, fixed luminaires should be used as light sources, and partitions should be used to separate the area where the luminaires are installed from the electrostatic paint area. The installation gaps should be reliably sealed. The material of the partitions is It is non-flammable and not easy to break, and the thickness of the deposit on the partition shall not affect the specified illuminance.

Enclosed explosion-proof is required: Paint is a flammable chemical. When the paint reaches a certain concentration in the air, it will burn and explode when it encounters a high-temperature open flame. And Paint Booth is a place where paint does not exist all the time, and LED explosion-proof lights can meet this safety request.

Paint Booth lighting fixtures should be powered by explosion-proof lamps in hazardous areas, and the grade must be at least IIC explosion-proof: safe, explosion-proof, and energy-saving. The standard lighting voltage is AC 220V. According to special engineering needs, AC 127V or DC 36V may be used.