Chemical Plants Lighting Solution

Most areas in chemical plants are in Zone 1 and Zone 2.
During the production process, the explosion-proof motor is used to drive the pressure pump, and various ingredients will add to the reaction.

At a certain temperature, crude oil will be cracked into various light-density oils and organic gas-like substances. Normally these factory working for 24house without stop, so explosion-proof lights are a necessary lighting source in production workshops and pressure vessels.

In addition, the outdoor area of chemical plants requires good waterproof and corrosion resistance, most of them are in higher installation height, high temperature and high pressure, the lamps replacement and maintenance are extremely difficult. Therefore, the lamp usage in chemical plants is not just for lighting, but focus on safety and reliability.

CESP’s explosion-proof led lights designed for chemical plants are strictly compliant with UL, CUL, DLC, IECEX, ATEX, and EX standards in terms of technology and lighting, and the protection class is IP68 to meet our customers requirement.