Mitsubishi Logistics Lighting upgrade

Mitsubishi Logistics approached CESP Lighting with a focus on improving lighting levels in racking and operating areas in their facility in Dubai.

After free CESP Lighting audit,due to the facility changing uses, the layout of the lighting did not work and needed a complete overhaul. The lower racking areas were poorly illuminated by 2500 units 2*36W tube light. With the intention of vastly improving the light levels in these areas, CESP Installations replaced these 450 fittings with our market-leading 190+ Lm/W Highbays. The result was a dramatic improvement of levels and quality of light in the operating area. Despite the significant increase fittings, CESP Lighting’s solution still slashed 32% off their previous annual energy costs.

Working closely with Mitsubishi Logistics, our Lighting specialists advised that a PIR sensor would further reduce the quantity of wasted energy. This enabled a further reduction of 40% in operating costs – resulting in a total percentage saving of 72%! The client was thoroughly impressed with the seamless process from consultation to installation and said that the results speak for themselves.