Save Electricity Save Money

2020 – Saving Electricity, Saving Money

2020 is a tough year for everyone,so how to save money is an utmost urgent topic.


One Dubai company was lighting their warehouse with several 400-watt metal halide fixtures. Light quality and distribution were poor and they were replacing them more often than they’d like. They were looking for an LED solution to provide them more savings and improve the light quality and distribution.


The clients could have just replaced the 400W HID bulbs to an LED bulb because they want to keep old fitting, but CESP Lighting team proposed new 120W LED Highbay Light fixtures that would be a superior solution with added features. The LED fixtures had motion sensors built-in to help save more energy when areas weren’t occupied. Overall they were able to save 72% on energy savings while improving the quality of their warehouse lighting.

  • Lux(Before): 90lux
  • Lux( After): 220lux
  • Installation height: 9m


  • Reduce Energy Usage
  • Increased Light Quality
  • Increased Light levels
  • Improved Quality Control
  • Longer Lasting Products = Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Light Level and Color Uniformity
  • Consolidated Product
  • Enhanced Image
  • Reduced Environmental Impact

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