Why Use LED Lighting In Your Industrial Facility

LED light fixtures are quickly making more traditional types of lighting obsolete. There are three main reasons for this: energy efficiency, reduced maintenance expense, and better light quality. Let’s look at each one a little closer:

  1. Energy consumption and efficiency: Retrofitting your current industrial lighting with an energy-efficient LED solution can save you up to 80% of your energy costs. The savings are so significant that you can finance the replacement with the energy cost savings you will realize as a result.
  2. Reduced maintenance cost: In addition to the massive costs savings from energy consumption, LED’s can also save you money by reducing maintenance costs. Due to the way LEDs generate light, the way they progress through their functional life is much different. Instead of ceasing to function properly once a fuel source is significantly reduced, LED generated light output degrades very slowly over time. As a result, the functional life of an LED product can be significantly longer than that of an HID Lamp.
  3. Lighting quality and performance: Light emitted from LEDs is likely to be much higher quality than traditional lighting solutions for two principal reasons. First, the way that objects are revealed when subject to LED emissions is very close to natural light; LED lighting has a much higher Color Rendering Index (CRI). For instance, grass will appear green at night under LEDs, but colorless or yellowish under HPS lights. Second, the amount of light that hits the target area is likely to be much higher for a given power rating than it will be with virtually any other light. In other words, the area you care about will get all of the light!

If you would like to learn how LEDs might address all of these issues for your facility reach out to us here at CESP Lighting Sales Team. We look forward to speaking with you.