LED Street Light

CESP LED Street light retrofitting project in Dubai

One facility owner in Dubai complains: “We had a lot of exterior metal halide lights that we were having a lot of trouble with. The building is 15 years old and we were seeing a lot of things start to fail, both fixtures and ballasts. From a security standpoint, we had a lot of dark spots, and when we do snow removal there were a lot of areas that were not well lit. That was a motivation for sure.”

CESP Sales team understand the objective and also know the budget is very limited, so we recommend the client to use CESP 150W LED Street light to replace the existing 400W metal halide light, finally, energy-saving rate is 70% and lux increasing rate is 40%, means use less power to get more brightness, also we offer 5 years warranty.

This retrofitting project was achieved in 2016, now its been 4 years and more, not any complaint from the client-side and also we got more and continuous business from the same client.

CESP lighting team is always working hard to meet any client’s lighting requirement