best led highbay lighting in dubai

Optimizing Fluorescent Lighting with LED Highbay Lighting


This company in Dubai has high-level rack warehouses and understands the value of having a warehouse that is well lit. They also pride themselves on being green. So while Triple-A knew that going to LED could result in savings. CESP Lighting team was called in to analyze the viability of LED retrofit solutions with a focus on balancing energy and maintenance savings with added light levels.


Light levels within the facility were less than ideal in various parts of the warehouse. The aisles were poorly lit, making it hard to distinguish the items on the shelves. Naturally, with the linear fluorescent, their light levels had decreased over time and required ballast/re-lamping maintenance. CESP Lighting team came in and proposed retrofitting the warehouse from 2*36W fluorescent T8 lamps to 150W LED Highbay light with 60% less lighting fitting quantity.


Retrofitting the T8 fixtures in the warehouse resulted in a 62% reduction in energy use.. The result was doubled their lux than before and payback was set for 1.2 years.

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