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The Dubai factory owner is Working with CESP Lighting team , the main aim was to find energy savings, improve maintenance costs and to improve the quality of lux levels , as part of large refurbishment of the workshops.

The photo just show the retrofit CESP led Highbay light,the owner is happy with the light performance and energy saving payback.


CESP LED Parking lighting upgrade-Dubai

The owner in Dubai was very keen to reduce energy consumption in the hospital to help meet the objectives in its environmental policies as well as reducing the associated running and maintenance costs.

Previously they used 1 year warranty pole lighting ,not only less brightness but the life time is less than 1 year,so they always purchase light and energy saving is also a big headache.

Finally CESP had been working with their Facility Manager. It was tasked with surveying different areas of the hospital to upgrade the current lighting to LED with a view to helping save the hospital money through direct savings and also efficiencies.

The Facility Manager was happy with the results of the surveys and the savings he could obtain by implementing some of the recommendations in them. As a result, there is now an on-going working relationship with further work to complete in the future when funding becomes available.

They had already upgraded some of the hospital’s car park lighting to LED but due to the increased amount of work CESP had taken on and the success of those projects, the Facility Manager asked CESP to provide a solution for the fittings that had not been upgraded to LED.


CESP Project Team- Your lighting partner in UAE

Electricity now plays one of the largest roles within the industrial sector, powering operations and companies worldwide. Given this fact, investing in energy-efficient technology and lighting is a top priority to minimise cost and carbon emissions. At CESP Projects we have a breadth of experience on various lighting projects within warehouses across UAE.

CESP Lighting team has the knowledge, skills, and products to be able to approach each individual project effectively to ensure that we are meeting the client’s requirements with an efficient, energy saving solution that will exceed client expectations. Upon conducting a site evaluation, our dedicated lighting team will recommend the correct and most suitable lighting solution to be installed. The recommended lighting fixtures will offer energy savings and lower maintenance costs for the site ongoing. Both energy saving calculations and return on investment will be included within our proposal to help our clients make the right decision for their business. Additional energy saving features such as occupancy sensing will further enhance the energy saving and therefore cost saving that an The CESP Projects team have planned and delivered installations that required non-standard products for warehouse lighting applications.

If you are interested in CESP LED lighting solution for your facility, please send email to cespservice@gmail.com to get started.


CESP LED linear tri-proof light

The client in Sharjah was looking for a 5-year maintenance free solution for their production areas and storage area to replace the existing lighting system. Inefficient fluorescent fittings were fitted across the site which needed frequent maintenance and gave relatively poor light levels in the production areas.

After a site evaluation, CESP Lighting team advised that high lumen output LED Linear light 40W be installed to increase the light output across the client’s production areas and achieve the targeted light levels required.

In total, 450 units were installed across the site upgrading the existing luminaires with minimal inconvenience to production. The results were reduced power consumption, maintenance costs, disposal costs and increased the light output across all critical production areas.

If you are interested in CESP LED lighting solution for your facility, please send email to cespservice@gmail.com to get started.



With car parks open all day and night, energy savings is essential. This can be achieved with LED lights, saving up to 90% of energy with low maintenance costs and increasing the lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

Car park spaces come in various types (multi-storeys, single floors, indoor, outdoors, etc), so it’s best to breakdown what LED would be suitable for these different surroundings.

Please contact us to further discuss your needs for auditing, design, analysis, installation, project management, RFQ bid specifications or turn-key services.

If you are interested in CESP LED lighting solution for your facility, please send email to cespservice@gmail.com to get started.


Cold Storage lighting upgrade

The benefits of LED lighting systems in cold storage facilities extend beyond the wattage savings of each lighting fixture. In cold storage facilities, every kilowatt hour (kWh) saved in lighting load will save additional kWh in cooling load.

CESP LED Cold storage luminaires are designed to thrive in extreme cold, with ambient operating temperatures ranging from -40ºC to 55ºC. They also produce less heat, use up to 60% less energy and have a significantly longer lifetime than conventional light sources, saving money on both operating and maintenance costs.

CESP LED Cold storage luminaires are IP68 rated and permanently sealed, preventing water or debris from accumulating inside. The innovative 1” round, low-profile design enables the fixtures to be aimed and mounted in almost any location, providing a sleek, clean and modern appearance.

If you are interested in CESP LED lighting solution for your facility, please send email to cespservice@gmail.com to get started.



CESP LED panels were installed throughout the office areas in Dubai Group. CESP LED panels fit into standard ceiling grid sizes. With CESP LED panels you are guaranteed a fast return on investment with up to 70% energy savings that reduces carbon footprint and running costs.

CESP Lighting team offer 5 year guarantee after installation.

If you are interested in CESP LED lighting solution for your facility, please send email to cespservice@gmail.com to get started.


CESP Carpark Lighting

In terms of requirements for car park lighting, it is important for people to realize that having adequate Carpark Lighting can truly mean the difference between having a safe and secure car parking area, or one which has many more security risks.

In many places, if people want to keep themselves, their family, their car, and their belongings safe, then it is going to be wise to acquire the kinds of car park lighting solutions. There are some car park areas which actually do require people using the car park to have high-quality lighting systems.

The main reasons behind this are typically safety motivated, but they are also motivated by the fact that a Car Park property owner may be held liable if an incident takes place in the car park and there are no lights. It all depends on the specific rules of a given Car Park Area, and what the individual lighting requirements of the parking area are designated as.

Style Improvements Provided by Carpark Lighting Systems

When utilizing a car park area to park one’s vehicle, it is clear to most people that having effective lighting systems can improve safety and visibility. However, it is less obvious to people that having sleek and stylish car park lighting systems can also increase the aesthetic value of a carpark area as well.

This is because of the fact that with old, outdated, dingy carpark lighting products, a car park space is not as well lit and attractive as it can be with new, high-quality lighting systems. If you want to have a good quality Carpark Lighting, CESP Lighting is a company that can offer very attractive lighting systems, which not only improve the safety of a carpark area, but they also can improve the overall atmosphere of a carpark area.

If you are interested in CESP LED lighting solution for your facility, please send email to cespservice@gmail.com to get started.


CESP LED Warehouse Lighting Fixtures

CESP LED high bay lights are the most prevalent lighting fixtures for open storage warehouses and high bay industrial facilities. Although there’s an inherent difference in the lighting technology, the commercialization of LED light fixtures started from being engineered in similar form factors with light fixtures that use traditional light sources. As such, traditional round LED high bays are reflector lamps that mimic the shapes of metal halide high bay lights which rely on reflectors to shape the beam patterns. The cons of round reflector type high bays are low optical efficiency because they use secondary optics and excessive physical volume as a result of using bulky reflectors and heat sinks. The entire fixture looks outdated and clumsy and does not accommodate modern architectural designs. Moreover, the large volumes of thin aluminum reflectors need to be packed separately with extra caution during transportation, which further adds to the shipping cost. Often called UFO LED high bay lights, modern high bay luminaires are low profile, durable, and styled to match modern commercial, retail and industrial environments. Precision-molded acrylic lenses of LED light engines are indexed to the circuit board to output optimized distributions, eliminating wasteful light from using secondary optics and providing optimal luminaire spacing and improved uniformity.

Unlike linear fluorescent high bays that use omnidirectional light output from fluorescent tubes, industrial-grade linear LED light fixtures provide a much more focused linear beam of illumination to cast the maximum amount of light where it’s desired, which is perfect for low bay and high bay lighting applications in warehouses such as modern distribution centers and order fulfillment centers where the tall narrow aisles established by rack storage systems require relatively uniform vertical illuminances. Linear LED high bays were created to address the needs of illuminating high rack spaces with an intensity distribution appropriate to the aisle width and stack height. These highly configurable light fixtures feature specialized lenses with direct lambertian distribution that allow for outstanding optical control. The ceiling or pendant mounted LED linear fixtures are available with modular structure that makes it easy to connect a number of battens to each other for continuous-row lighting.

If you are interested in CESP LED lighting solution for your facility, please send email to cespservice@gmail.com to get started.


CESP LED Highbay Light

CESP High bay lights are designed for illuminating large interior spaces where the roof truss or ceiling height is greater than 6m above the floor or work plane.High bay facilities are generally designed for industrial production, warehousing and storage, indoor sports, big box retail, exhibition and convention. Hard-to-reach ceilings, expansive spaces, harsh operating conditions, and long running hours. These challenges place high demands on the robustness and efficiency of high bay luminaires.


High bay lighting applications are very diverse. Virtually all commercial, industrial, public, sports and recreational facilities with a high clearance between the floor and the ceiling require high bay lighting to provide adequate illuminance.

Manufacturing facilities

Lighting can significantly affect productivity and safety in manufacturing facilities. Types of work performed in these areas vary tremendously from production to machining but all need a lighted environment that allows various tasks to be completed at the desired speed with accuracy and safety. Manufacturing facilities represent the largest section of indoor or covered real estate in the industrial sector. A considerable number of these facilities are designed with a high ceiling clearance to accommodate the production requirement. Such production facilities include, but is not limited to, foundries, steel mills, casting and welding facilities, automotive production lines, aircraft assembly lines, machine factories, sheltered shipyards, and all workshops equipped with overhead cranes. In these industrial buildings, powerful illumination is only one of the challenges. Lighting equipment must be made tough enough to resist extreme temperatures, high humidity conditions, corrosive atmosphere, vibration from large machinery, and dirty power.

If you are interested in CESP LED lighting solution for your facility, please send email to cespservice@gmail.com to get started.

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