Reliable LED High bay light

Reliable LED High Bay Light in Dubai

Reliable LED high bay = Saving Money and Electricity

As we know, it is easy to find LED Products in the market, however, how to source a reliable and long-term usage led products is also a problem for any end-users because some people have a bad experience with this technology. Here one factory in Dubai is a good reference, several years ago, they purchased hundreds of led high bay light fitting with a 1-year warranty, unlucky, all lights start to blinking after several months, the reason is the UAE hot weather plus factory inside temperature, so they are eager to look for a trusted partner to guide the selection of the best quality high bay lighting technology that incorporated variable occupancy sensing and provided the best financial investment. CESP Electrical was the chosen partner.

Project Highlights

  • 3 different brand LED high bay fixtures were evaluated
  • A customized sensor was field installed to provide the desired control
  • A new electrical grid was designed requiring 100% of the wiring to be redone
  • The facility, office and exterior lighting was all retrofitted

Measurable Results

  • AED125,000 in annual cost savings
  • 13 months payback
  • 55% increase in light levels

Warranty Management

You will never have to change a light again for the term of the warranty. Product warranties ranging from 3 to 5 years are managed by CESP Electrical.